Tips: Family and Children


You’re home but you still can’t shake that emotional survival baggage you needed while in the prison confines. Or, you don’t even recognize that you have any leftover prison survival baggage. You know what baggage I’m talking about – things like anger issues and the ability to identify, manage, curtail, and stop your attacks in domestic violence.

Now you’re home wanting to pick up where you left off….but so much has changed – events, fashion, music, technology.  You’re finding it difficult to “fit” into the family structure.  How do you begin to transition back into their lives – which you disrupted when you left?  Where do you pick up when so much has changed?

No matter what happened to you, you’re still a role model to any children in your life.  So consider: What do you want to teach them? What are they learning from you right now as they witness your effort to reconnect?

Are you willing to sacrifice who you have been for who you can become? You can empower yourself, be accountable, responsible, become more self-aware of your life’s decisions (past, present & future) just by taking that first step today.

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