Tips: Parole


As an ex-offender, you have to be aware that you are the one who has to constantly and consistently work towards reaffirming your seat at society’s table; regaining society’s trust again. Which, in reality, may not ever happen in the minds of some, but that should never, ever stop you from trying to remain a substance free, law abiding, positive and a productive member in society.

Positive change and growth is not easy. If change was easy, then no one would ever return to prison. No, it’s difficult to alter behaviors in a society that can feel like it has as many systems that assist with positive change as there are that work to prevent that positive change from taking root.

It is your responsibility to fight that uphill battle towards positive change and personal growth. Try being a part of society instead of hanging out on the fringes waiting for the leftovers, or worse, the “grand prize” of “three meals and a cot for life”. Help is there for you, regardless of who is operating it or funding it or not believing in habilitation. You believe – that is all that matters. Believe in yourself and your ability to change and to alter your destiny. The Important thing is this: To be able at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.

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