Tips: Probation


You have probation because you were given a choice between incarceration and freedom with conditions. The conditions of your freedom are detailed in the document called “Orders & Conditions.” These conditions are customized to reflect the crime committed and the history that got you here.

Probation is as an opportunity to redeem yourself. Instead of being locked up, you can remain in your community, stay with your family – everything is the same except you’ve got to adhere to the specific rules set for by Probation. For example, you might have a curfew, be required to pay restitution, have to submit to physical search of person or property, be subject to random tests for alcohol and drug use, etc.

It is up to you to establish a positive relationship with your probation officer. Be consistent and always able to verify your compliance with your orders and conditions. You may be challenged by this relationship and the things you are required to do, but to maintain your freedom this is something you have to work on. If you don’t have a good relationship with your probation officer you may be missing the opportunity to have that officer use their experience and connections to assist you.

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