Greyston Foundation

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Provides pre-employment training, job training that leads to certifications and licenses, and employment opportunities. Programs include Ready/Set/Work, Greyston Rangers (employment in Yonkers beautification projects), food safety licensing, OSHA certification.

Must be referred by parole, probation or other service agencies to access programming.

From their web site:

Greyston bakes brownies to hire people.  They have an open door hiring policy that is a gateway to training and work:

“Anyone that comes to the front door of our bakery is given the chance to work, no questions asked. When a job becomes available we hire the next person on our waiting list. During the apprenticeship period, our employees learn baking and employment readiness skills. Greyston provides resources, personal development tools and training in professional skills.”

In addition to jobs and training, Greyston programs include childcare, housing, and community gardens.


21 Park Avenue
Yonkers NY 10703

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