basicsFood, clothing, shelter, transportation, and a cell phone to get connected. Listed below are local and state resources that can help you get started.

Go to Community Service Organizations to find information on those serving specific groups such as women, veterans, Hispanics, new immigrants, and those with a disability. You’ll also find links to organizations that act more of a one-stop resource for services, including the Westchester County Department of Social Services, which is the core organization for getting money, enrolling in Medicaid, and obtaining shelter placement.

Also, you can call 211 – the United Way’s free, confidential, multi-lingual information and referral helpline.  It is available every day of the year from 9am-7pm.  The people who answer the phone can direct you to agencies throughout the county.



No person is an island…you cannot take this difficult journey alone. New York offers you a lot of possibilities and resources for growth, change, progress and opportunities. This directory provides you with an important step towards reaching your goals and maintaining your freedom; and in this game of life and redemption, it is your “Stay Out Of Jail” card. There are lots of good people out here who want to help you; search them out.

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