Current information: what to do if you get sick, where and how to get vaccinated, keeping track and learning more.
Specific clinics, organizations and services are listed below. These organizations help with everything from insurance to addiction to well-being.

Westchester Library System provides online access to X-Plain Patient Health Tutorials, which offer plain language explanations of diseases, conditions, and procedures in English or Spanish that you can read online or print.  For more in-depth, authoritative information, contact your local library.

Are you a Veteran?

If you are a Veteran, see the Veterans Services page under First Steps.


Your physical health and well-being is important to you. When was the last time you had a wellness physical? I’m not talking about when you believe you’re knocking on death’s door; I’m talking about when you’re feeling just fine and you’re scheduling yourself for a medical checkup as an annual thing because YOU understand that it’s preventive medical care to do so. Let’s act to be well now and in the future.