Support, help, advice, guidance, and assistance graphicWestchester Connections website is an initiative of the Westchester Library System done in partnership with the Westchester Independent Living Center.

In this section:

  • How to Use This Guide
    An overview of how to use Westchester Connections effectively.
  • Ask Us a Question! / ¡Háganos una pregunta!  Ask a librarian
    If you are stuck at any point or don’t see something you are looking for – just ask!
  • WLS Welcome Card Registration
    The WLS Welcome Card is a six-month temporary library card. Those navigating re-entry after incarceration are offered this card as a way to assure access to library services.
  • Westchester Reentry Task Force Resource Guide   
    The 34-page printed guide was produced in collaboration with the Westchester County Reentry Task Force.  The guide is available to those returning to Westchester from state correctional facilities.  The guide can be downloaded (click the link above) and/or mailed.  To request a copy provide your mailing information using this brief form.
  • Who Made this Guide and Why?
  • Tips
    Viewpoints from the Partners for Success Program.