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For Those with Disabilities

If you are disabled and have been unable to work or have been unable to earn sufficient to meet basic needs, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance and or Supplemental Security Income. You must be found disabled according to Social Security Administration’s guidelines. Medical evidence will be required to substantiate your disability.

To apply for either program you could go to the SSA page to initiate a claim online or by contacting SSA (800-772-1213). You will need to complete several forms and may be required to attend a medical evaluation provided by SSA’s doctors. The application process takes approximately 4-6 months for an initial determination. If found disabled, your benefit will vary depending on your work history and or your living arrangements.

For those seeking work, all of the agencies listed below provide assistance.

CAREERS Support Solutions

914-741-5627 (Valhalla Office) 845-225-8007 (Carmel Office) CAREERS Support Solutions, helps people with intellectual, developmental, psychiatric and/or physical disabilities gain [Read More]

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