The Legal Aid Society of Westchester County provides free criminal and family court legal representation to persons who are unable to afford an attorney. They also handle appeals and post-conviction matters for their clients. | Staff include experienced defense attorneys, family court attorneys, social workers, investigators, and professional support individuals who have all shown a commitment and dedication to indigent criminal defense.

Areas of practice:​

Handle criminal matters from arrest to disposition.
Ensure representation at every client’s first appearance.
Post-conviction and appellate representation.
Family court representation.
Sentencing mitigation and re-entry support.
Representing clients in problem-solving courts/diversion.
Representing juvenile and adolescent offender/raise the age.
Advocate and impact legislation affecting the practice of criminal law.

See the website for information on weekly community programs, a summary of Miranda rights, and how LSAW works with different court programs such as diversion programs, mental health court, veterans court.