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$40 non refundable fee to arrange a 30minute consultation with an attorney.
Use the Online Referral Form

This service refers clients to licensed and experienced attorneys who have registered to receive referrals in specific areas of law and who are in good standing with the New York State Appellate Division.  (The service is NOT a law firm and does not provide legal advice or represent clients in any capacity.)

How LRS works:

Please complete the Online Referral Form and select the area of law for which you seek legal advisement. After receiving and processing the form, you will receive an attorney’s name and contact information. From there, you can arrange (up to) a 30-minute consultation, which will cost $40. It is a non-refundable referral fee to book a consultation with the attorney. After the meeting, you are not obligated to hire the attorney with whom you speak or pay for additional counsel. However, should you require further assistance, you and the attorney will mutually agree upon the cost.

What if I can’t afford an attorney?

If you need legal assistance but cannot afford to hire an attorney, you should contact any agencies listed on our resource page to determine if they can help. Please note that many listed agencies have income/government grants that may also limit their services. Please find the listing on our resource page here.