Hudson Link acts as the administrator of a variety of college programs in six different correctional facilities by partnering with nine higher education institutions. An academic coordinator is available at each of the facilities to provide academic advisement and help with reentry planning for students. Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalency, and be in good disciplinary standing within their facility. All applicants must agree to a facility hold because they must wait at least one semester before being accepted into the program. Once students are accepted into the program, they are required to take any necessary placement exams for the college that will be administering the courses and granting credits. Anyone interested in the college program should write a letter of interest to the facility’s Hudson Link Academic Coordinator, who will explain the admissions process. Offers a Pre-College Program to those who are eligible for the 68 Education college program but may not yet be prepared for college-level work. Hudson Link advises, assists, and supports those students who were unable to fulfill their degree requirements while incarcerated in reenrolling them to complete their degrees at various on-campus locations. Also partners with reentry organizations to provide supportive services for alumni. The Alumni Services Manager and Alumni Coordinator provide job-readiness skills including resume writing, job search assistance, interview attire, laptops, professional mentoring, and internship opportunities.