Coming Home: A Restorative Communities Collaborative Program

914-473-2221 Kevin Bunch Recognizing that those in reentry have a wealth of life experience, talents and potential with which they can begin a new chapter in life, Coming Home seeks to nurture those skills in a supportive, learning community.  Weekly evening meetings include shared meals, workshops, and one-to-one mentoring. The program is a collaboration between Family Services of Westchester and local communities. This 18-week program pairs congregants and formerly incarcerated women and men to help them transition back to their [Read More]

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Family Restoration Project | Upon This Rock Ministries

914-224-4512 Provides individual and group counseling as well as mentorship.  Job readiness and job placement assistance. 14 N. Bond Street, Mt. Vernon, NY 10550

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RISE Center-Mental Health Empowerment Project, Inc.

914-664-3444 One-on-One Peer Support MHEP uses shared experience to create a bond that allows us to help people move forward in all aspects of life. Meetings are held in our office space, on the phone, in the community or in the person’s home. They use the Intentional Peer Support (IPS) method of peer support; developing relationships that are centered around connection, empathy and trust. Advocacy Services MHEP offers advocacy and mentoring services that help people learn about and protect [Read More]

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Life Progressive Services Group Inc.

347-231-7942 Life Progressive Services Group  helps formerly incarcerated individuals transition back into the community through advocacy, education and resource provisions. They aim to enhance the lives of these individuals using a “Green Thinking” approach. Through collaborative partnerships with public and private sectors, we achieve impactful and beneficial outcomes in the lives of those formerly incarcerated. Re-entry Transitional Program The two main goals of re-entry programs are to support the efforts of the formerly incarcerated individual in finding and maintaining [Read More]

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Hudson Link

914-941-0794 Hudson Link acts as the administrator of a variety of college programs in six different correctional facilities by partnering with nine higher education institutions. An academic coordinator is available at each of the facilities to provide academic advisement and help with reentry planning for students. Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalency, and be in good disciplinary standing within their facility. All applicants must agree to a facility hold because they must wait at least [Read More]

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914-439-3023 914UNITED Inc. is Yonkers-based organization that aims to educate, mentor, and support underserved communities within the Lower Hudson Valley. They deliver interactive, seminar-based programs such as manhood training, financial literacy, civic engagement etc. They have a team of Real Models whose dedication and community value lies in supporting and uplifting system-impacted individuals. Reentry Mentors ​are a team of formerly incarcerated individuals who have similar lived experiences as the mentees they aim to connect with. Reentry [Read More]

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