One-on-One Peer Support

MHEP uses shared experience to create a bond that allows us to help people move forward in all aspects of life. Meetings are held in our office space, on the phone, in the community or in the person’s home. They use the Intentional Peer Support (IPS) method of peer support; developing relationships that are centered around connection, empathy and trust.

Advocacy Services

MHEP offers advocacy and mentoring services that help people learn about and protect their rights with a focus on the individual’s expressed needs, desires and objectives. We also routinely refer people to obtain desired services in all systems.

Holistic Paths to Wellness

MHEP introduces people to self-directed recovery tools that can increase mastery over physical, spiritual and emotional health by offering activities that connect people to complimentary wellness approaches (like yoga, acupuncture, nutrition, aromatherapy, meditation, etc.) and self-help and empowerment seminars on topics that help people to find their voice, connect to their personal power and the power of peer support.

Peer Specialist Training

MHEP offers an eight-week, state of the art, Peer Specialist training for people who are interested in earning their NYS Peer Specialist certification.

Peer Support Line

The Peer Support Line is a 24 hour, confidential, non-crisis phone line that is operated by people in recovery. They offer hope and non- judgmental conversation to callers who are looking for someone to talk to about a problem, a plan or a success or who are just seeking information about community resources.

Justice Involved Recovery Coach

MHEP develops and maintain peer support relationships with justice involved individuals that offer the opportunity for self-reflection, goal setting, and one to one support that helps to avoid emergency room visits, re-incarceration and hospitalization.

Peer Bridger Services

Bridger services are provided in Westchester hospitals as well as Rockland State Psychiatric Center. This service provides hospital-based engagement and discharge support with a primary focus on relationship building and strengthening community connections.

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