225 Varick St, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10014

LAC provides education and advocacy on behalf of those with arrest and conviction records, substance use disorders, and HIV or AIDS.  Their educational resources are helpful and often avalable in both English and Spanish. They will provide legal assistance; see this page for specifics on what they can do. Note that the initial intake can only be done by phone; they will not respond to requests by email or walk-in.

Among the educational resources of the Legal Action Center (LAC) is this presentation on “Employment with an Arrest or Criminal Record.”  It is worth a review to understand laws that protect job seekers and workers and actions to take in the case of discrimination.

From our entry on RAP sheets:  The Legal Action Center (LAC) offers a series of short videos that explains how to obtain a copy of your record, discusses what appears on the background checks run by many employers, reviews laws protecting jobseekers and workers from discrimination, and ways to lower barriers to employment, occupational licenses, and housing. The video series is linked here. This includes information on what can be sealed/suppressed and removed/expunged.  LAC can also answer questions as you work to correct your RAP sheet.

HIV/AIDs educational resources are generally focused on confidentiality of health information.